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robot.gifDafSim updated to v11.0.4.B - by Lagaffe 04/06/2016 : 13:44

In recent days a new version of DafSim was released: v11.0.4.B.

The server French-VFR / DafSim will be uodate this afernoon..

So take advantage of these few days to update: go back to your first Ben email and re-download via the link provided at the time.

It's  essential to do the update because you can not connect on DafSim Server with older version.

Good flights, Lagaffe cool

new version of DafSim v11.0.4.A - by Lagaffe 28/05/2016 : 14:27

In recent days a new version of DafSim was released: v11.0.4.A. I would take advantage of the weekend to put the server French-VFR / DafSim up to date, it should be done by Sunday evening.

So take advantage of these few days to update: go back to your first Ben email and re-download via the link provided at the time.

It's  essential to do the update because you can not connect on DafSim Server with older version.

Good flights, Lagaffe cool

cadeau.gifNew version for DAFSim: v11.0.3.C - by Lagaffe 06/05/2016 : 10:20

In recent days a new version of DAFSim emerged: the v11.0.3.C. I would take advantage of the week off to put the server French-VFR / DAFSim to date, it should be done by Sunday evening.

So take advantage of these few days to update: go back to your first Ben email and re-download via the link provided at the time.

Good flights, Lagaffe cool

cadeau.gifLFKY Belley version 1.1b - by Lagaffe 23/02/2016 : 19:55
LFKY Belley version 1.1
The airfield of Belley - Peyrieu (ICAO: LFKY) is a licensed aerodrome restricted,
located in the municipality of Peyrieu 7 km south of Belley in Ain (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France).
It is used for the practice of recreational and tourism activities (light aircraft and helicopter).
The airfield has a grass runway oriented north-south (18/36), 638 meters long and 60 wide.
The aerodrome is not controlled. Communications are performed by self-information on the frequency of 123.500 MHz.
Refuelling (100LL) and lubricant is possible (for version 1.2).
Warning, this stage is scheduled for:
- Environmental Rhône Alpes of France VFR:
- Completed the fabulous autogenous Vogel:
The scene is available for download from Dropbox via the following link:
Thread on the site "" will provide service and for your advice and comments:

I propose a version V1.1 prototype
to test for this release the following on the PC voluntary configurations:
- The number of FPS on the ground and above the base (29 to 29.9 for 30 at home)
FSX: 29.0 to 29.5 (details of setting up the scenes)
for P3D: 29.5 to 29.9 (details of setting up the scenes)
- The number and type of buildings with flash phenomena in FSX, under no P3D
- Changes in the scene with respect to your various mesh and buildings behavior

Evolution for version 1.2 (in progress):
- Reporting runway taxiway, fuel station, repair station,
- Traffic and rally Jodel 112 180,
- Improvement of details of buildings,
- Elimination of a flash along the track building (FSX)
- A path of sustainable railway FPS
- A special version of P3D at the end of my relocation of version 3.1,

Good flight, friendly, jean louis
Here is the new version 1.1b with a patch about flash on airport's buildings

cadeau.gifFSPassengers: an incredible add-on - by Lagaffe 06/11/2015 : 20:31

FsPassengers is a payware addon that allows a company to manage and evolve in career mode.

Above all, a company is created, giving it a name, a logo, a code name and a code for the flights from a list of actual companies.

Managing your company asks to pay attention to its budget, invest in new equipment, maintain, sell them if needed, etc.
You can also set the ticket prices for the VIP class, first class, business, eco, price of onboard services and quality of these so-called benefits. The price / performance ratio and the number of flight accomplished without crash will gain reputation in your company.
Oil prices have also access to the graph and thus check prices of kerosene. It also manages the workforce. You become the boss of the company!

Two pilot modes are available:

  • one can fly all aircraft hangar,
  • the second in "Career" mode where this time we first flight in a Cessna 172, Maule, Piper Cub and Mooney with two passengers board and then later, as and measurement of hours of flights and points we can fly larger aircraft like DC-3 to finish on a 747 or A380 with more than a hundred passengers.

During a flight, it is possible that the aircraft malfunctions and know that you are obliged to request an emergency landing. If successful landing, your pilot will earn points for saving lives, however the company will suffer a reputation down if it goes wrong. Failures are dependent realism rate selected in the configuration FS.

The more you will earn the hours of flights and aircraft which you can access will be. Which of course you will have to carry more passengers and thus bring more money to the company.

How FSPassengers manages all these people?
Before the flight, the software announces how many people will embark. It remains to handle the weight of the aircraft by juggling the embedded volume of kerosene, the amount of luggage you wish to carry. Also select the destination and type of flight.

Three types of flight are available:

  • normal flight: airport A to airport B. the flight is to last at least 10 minutes but do not have a maximum.
  • tourist flight: no more than three hours of flight, we explored the area around the airport of departure will be the same for landing.
  • aerobatics: 1 maximum passenger, we must do more than possible, but attention to Figure G if you push a little strong. Allow the bags! :sick:

During the flight, a small window will guide you with many features and more information on the flight.
First you find a button for set point seatbelts, another has to tell the crew to serve drinks, a third to serve snacks, a fourth for meal trays, etc

An important button is the button "Emergency" that will be used when you are in distress and need to make an emergency landing. In this case, the non-information what happens to your passengers will be sanctioned as an error and should lead to a decrease and reputation points less. :(

The software informs you of the number of passengers on board. A percentage of satisfaction and sources of the satisfaction you will be given. We start with 100% satisfaction and this data will change according to your actions. Too rough landing remove points, turbulence frighten passengers still causing a decline in satisfaction.

You will also find hostesses interventions that cater to passengers: safety instructions, landing announcement but also interventions addressed to drivers as a mini summary of the situation. Some remarks passenger bring a touch of realism and humor .... I let you discover this aspect.

After the flight, you are entitled to a summary of the flight information for the purpose of the flight, contentment or discontent among passengers that affects the reputation of the company. There is also the negative and positive points of piloting attributed to the pilot for his actions. These points can increase your driver points s capital add your flying hours, allow to rise in rank and so fly larger aircraft with greater passenger capacity.

Quick tips:

  • Open an IFR plan consistent with your destination, enter it in FsPassengers. To do this, turn your aircraft has a door to the departure airport, open a flight plan to the desired destination and then select "Start Flight" then load this aircraft in FSPassenger tab.
  • Start with the Cessna 172 SP because it has a better interface to the autopilot or the Mooney Maule. The Maule can hold up to five passengers but can not go very far because it has a low-range and a limited carrying capacity. The Mooney goes faster, but you will have to put the autopilot via shortcut keys for locking a cap or follow the GPS route

To summarize:

  • FSPassengers is a nice add-on that offers real good career mode complete with many features and brings a touch FSX as the hostess ads or passengers screaming as it does anything or their applause during a of successful emergency landing. I can say that trying is believing!
  • FSPassengers is an add-on that has several languages ​​(French, English and German) but the bulk remains in English ... affordable for everyone. Nevertheless, a French aid is accessible via the appropriate menu.

Dan, its author is currently working on an adaptation to P3D versions 2 and 3. This version is expected before the end of the year 2015.

To make you a better idea, I suggest you get yourself additional information here:

An to try this addon:

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