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Welcome French-VFR, our portal creations on simulators such as Microsoft FS2004 and FSX, without forgetting that P3D still is the successor to FSX but made ​​by Lockheed Martin based on the Microsoft ESP.

This portal will try to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of creating scenes, to achieve 3D models to create new aircraft or mobile, without forgetting the AI traffic agrémement these simulators giving them life.
We discuss a number of tools such as:
Gmax v1.2, Sketchup, Blender, SBuilderX, ADE9x, The Gimp 2.6.18, etc.

And others if you wish if they are provided as freeware. For this, we attempt to identify existing documents on the web and put the hands on to write tutorials to guide you.

In terms of "goodies", you will also find some of our achievements in the Downloads section because sharing is one of our benchmarks.


X-Plane 11

Whith the new release of X-Plane 11, I decided to test this new opus and I was very happy to see results. So we have decided to open a new section in the Downloads in order tooffer you some of our addons recompiled for X-Plane 11.

Prepar3D v4.4

With the latest modifications (PBR technology support) made to the rendering engine of its simulator, L.M. is currently preparing its future v5.0. This version v5.0 should break the compatibility between FSX and P3D products. Already it can be noticed that the use of the latest SDK no longer allows to benefit from MDL models compatible with FSX and previous versions (v4.3 and earlier).

For the moment, we are checking our models and only two or three aircraft are validated as theys are with this v4.4 whose variations of the Cessna 150

Lagaffe biggrin


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It is strictly forbidden to publish these hotlinks or ID / password on other web sites! We reserve the right to blacklist from French-VFR web site anyone who publish hotlinks or ID / password on other websites.
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You are here :  Welcome