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A new release 64bits for Prepar3D  -  by Lagaffe


Some guys have found that French-VFR was dead because any publication was made since a lot of month. It was just waiting for the future announcement: the next release of Prepar3D V4 - 64-bit version, theoretically announced to download for May 30, 2017!

This new version of Prepar3D named V4 is a complete update since the architecture of the simulator now passes in 64 bits. The visual is not left with higher resolutions, more objects and an increase in the accuracy of informations.
In addition, the version provides dynamic lighting, new rain / snow particles, a new version of more realistic 3D trees, a fully reworked SDK, new vehicles and countless improvements.

We will have more details next week as this V4 version should be available on the Lockheed Martin site on May 30, 2017 at 2:00 am (US time).

A short presentation with this video:

For a detailed presentation of the product and its installation, a very good article on AVSIM:

For more information, please read the news of Lockheed Martin:

So long cool

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