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Prepar3D v3: first tests  -  by Lagaffe

Prepar3D v3 First Installation:

This new version was released on the announced date and here are my first returns in terms of findings for the installation itself.

  • This version can be installed in parallel to a previous version (1.4 ... 2.x) because it has its own parameter files to distinguish them from other facilities.The basic installation has slightly increased, going from 18.12 to 18.45 Go Go. 
  • LM no longer tolerate any addons directory or files in its base directory!
  • The P3DV2 - uires directory disappears in the V3 (it contained images of the interface in v2) so we can expect a modified GUI in this version ...
  • The P3DV3 - ShadersHLSL directory will increased from 910ko 1.19 Mb so we confirm the changes announced by LM on this point (new sliders in the interface).
  • The directory P3DV3 - SimObjects will increased from 4.453 Gb to 4802 Gb:
    • Aircrafts: Fury 1500 an AI will appears
    • Rotorcrafts: the Virtavia Blackhawk is added to the list of rotorcrafts
  • I note the presence of an Avatar subdirectory that did not exist before. Data included in this directory suggests that it is an object just like an airplane so we can probably create additional animated characters in the future.
  • The P3DV3 - Scenery - props folder disappears ... to check.
  • Other directories like textures, effects, gauges, sound, weather and TritonResources are not changed ... apparently.
  • The Autogen directory provided is the same as the P3D v2.5 (LM has not altered his autogen files statements so we can re-use the previous version with the additions of some sceneries like France-VFR or OrbX).
  • The P3Dv3 - terrain.cfg file is not present so we can still regain that of the previous version in case of additions to this file by Orbx scenes, Tongass or Richard Feliz-Ludowise & Luis Terado mods) .
I would add my impressions later to the use of this new version but meanwhile some were faster and through this short video you will golds already see major changes.

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