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Prepar3D v2.5  -  by Lagaffe

First release for 2015, Prepar3D v2.5 has been released as a beta-test version

Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D v2.5

We are currently finishing development on the first update to Prepar3D v2 for 2015, Prepar3D v2.5.  This version has several rendering and performance updates, a few general platform updates, and a pretty substantial update to SimDirector, Prepar3D’s intelligent tutor, virtual instructor, and scenario generation tool.

We wanted to thank our development community, and especially our forum moderators Rob and Saul, for your continuous feedback and effort to help make Prepar3D v2 the industry leader in flight simulation and virtual instruction.

We will be sending a beta of v2.5 to our beta team this week, and once we are satisfied with v2.5 we will then release the update.

Due to folder structuring, v2.5 will not be available in Patch form. A fully install will be required. This should only effect this point upgrade from v2.4-v2.5, v2.5° should be in patches again.

I hope that this v2.5 version will be released as soon as possible  cool

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