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Howto develop with only FSX RTM  -  by Lagaffe

You buy it a few years ago a basic version of FSX (Advice: RTM version provide any SDK) and reading many posts you want to get to the other side and trying to create your first scenery or your plane ... but without SDK, it is impossible unless you buy a second FSX: Pro or Gold.

There are still a free and perfectly legal way to do this ...

To do this, you need to download the SDK P3Dv2 which is free to download ( and simply install it.

Then you must configure your tools (ADE SBuilder, Gmax or other) to go point to the corresponding directories in the new SDK.

Enjoy it ! cool

In the furture, French-VFR Team, will use the SDK for Prepard3D v2.x in order to upgrade and provide all yours aircrafts and sceneries compatible with Prepar3D v2.X smile

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You are here :   Welcome » Blog » Developments