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2012 August :

I did, there was some time ago a translation of an article by William Ortis (LionHeart), which was how to push the FS2004 SDK limitations in terms of space vertex (4 mm limits) and the number of polygons is not exceeded (65535 being the polygon nb on which the same bitmap could theoretically apply, under FS9 or FSX)

For 15 days Beercan and I are working to use the method ULE William Ortis for our aircraft for FS2004 ... we must make use of the last 5 or 10 fools who still planning for this album (though it started as Cowl ...).

The best in this case, is that we have managed to compile our planes maintaining all the details and we getting rid of this barrier 4mm.
Well, it is true that we must review all parts of nommages organization (Catalina has 736) and should be grouped by entities that will be seen "as different LODs."


LOD is a simplified model is displayed according to distance in the plane make several allows a retail -Threshold which increases gradually as one approaches the plane.

In this case, the Catalina compiles fully half an hour and has more than 128,836 polys

Utilisation de ULE2
It's true that half hour that's a lot, but as the plane is divided into 14 different ASM files (intermediate files MakeMDL compile) it allows only recompile one file if necessary and reduce the overall time .

It was for the inconvenience. For the benefits we get the level of detail of an aircraft in FSX without stopping the frame-rate, judge for yourself:

Détails avec la méthode ULE

2012 August : Victory !!!

Not with our results at the Olympic Games but regarding the compilation of Catalina with ULE 2.0: everything included in the sends Olivier Faivre grew to compile for FS2004, and I mean EVERYTHING!

This is still a 14 MB with MDL 142,000 polys and weird thing is fluid FS2004 while beating down some perfs FSX / P3D. The placing by BMP (DXT3) maybe there is something. Anyway, on my config and I FS2004 is around 35/48 FPS with details fully right.

Creation date : 04/11/2012 : 21:13
Last update : 23/06/2013 : 23:41
Category : Current Projects - D - Catalina PB-Y5
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #3 

by Lagaffe 14/02/2013 : 21:20

Bonsoir Maxime,

Pour l'instant le Caltina n'est qu'en version Béta et je n'ai pas encore réaliser les animations du trains et des flotteurs externes. Cela ne saurait tarder ... un peu de patience smiley souriant

Reaction #2 

by herodet 02/01/2013 : 17:49

Pouvez -vous m'indiquer comment rentrer le train d'atterissage et les balonnet du très beau catalina qui fonctionne à merveille . Je viens d 'installer le NC 858 : il fonctionne très bien sur fs 9 et x Un regal de tirer l 'emouchet avec le Rallye et ensuite de planer  felicitations pour vos réalisations M herodet

Reaction #1 

by marco601 09/12/2012 : 01:09

superbe le catalina, j'essaie de l'utiliser sous FSX, mais le frame rate tombe à mort.
j'ai pas une confid démente mais la plupart des autres avions passent bien. Là je tombe à 3 de frame rate. n
Docteur c'est grave? Quel pied le jour où je pourrait voler avec un bon frame rate

You are here :   Welcome » b) The new method ULE2