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Les animations du Catalina  -  par Slide

dear lagaffe,

came across frenchvfr via "the old hangar" forum and found you have a very nicely modeled catalina here. i have the alphasim-pby but it is without virtual cabin - you know i just love those window bubbles in the rear, its my favorite!

i was more than happy to find your plane but i cannot lift the gear nor lift the wingtip-swimmers. there were no instructions in the zip and i tried the usual methods but nothing worked. is it because it is still in beta and i can hope for a final version?

sorry for writing to you in english, but you would not want to read my french.........
thanks for all your work,

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Réaction n°1  -  par Lagaffe le 26/11/2012 : 21:51


The Catalina that you can download is a Beta version: it 's not finish.
For the moment, animations aren't programmed. I am finishing the NC858S with the aim to learn about 3D gauges and then I will restart Catalina creation.

This aircraft is actually a payware for X-Plane made by HydroZ. I have made a great work to transform the Blender model in a Gmax model and this first step is achieved (this step has occured 1 year).

I don't forget this aircraft and I think working again on this aircraft beafor the end of this year ... but there is a lot of work to achieve it.

Thanks for you post.

Excuse my poor english smiley tranquille

Réaction n°2  -  par slide le 12/01/2013 : 11:57

e  dear lagaffe,

it took my a while to find back here, my apologies for a late answer. thanks for the information, i have just seen some posting here about merging things from poser to gmax, now i understand and i am very impressed by your work. please keep it up to have the nice cat finished one day. during wintertime i may be able to provide some textures for it, if you need.
just ask (office[at]

have a nice weekend,


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