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Laon-Chambry / LFAF ... released soon by French-VFR  -  by Lagaffe

Last informations before the publication of the scene LFAF / Laon-Chambry

To inform you about a project what I find too old yet (
) the last three weeks were devoted to achieving for French-VFR's libraries : a library of characters, a series of vehicles (car, motorcycle, truck) and a final on common objects.
Why  does not use existing libraries: I have nothing against those of my comrades but I get a lot of mail due to the fact that those who download do not know then retrieve these libraries and install them correctly so ... I prefer to cut short this form of support.

Then we had to refine the choice of textures and place them on the "Ground Polys" representing 3D grass or tarmac and parking.

Finally, a stage management freeware tool will choose which options or not to take into account the possibilities of machines and tastes of all.

After all this here are some pictures to put you in the mouth ...

The version should be out by the end of May. cool

After that,I wish finalize somes old projets that I have on my desktop like Menestrel and th NC858S. for Prepar3D.

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Reaction #1  -  by Fraco

24/06/2016 : 11:01

Elle est superbe cette scène! Picard de coeur (je suis d'Amiens) j’attends avec impatience la release! Félicitation pour le boulot accompli!

Reaction #2  -  by Lagaffe

24/06/2016 : 20:13

Merci beaucoup.
Depuis cette Beta, pas mal de choses ont bougées ... Vous aurez le plaisir de la découverte l


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