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Prepar3D v2.5 hotfix 2.5.12943.0  -  by Lagaffe

Lockheed Martin has released a hotfoix for Prepar3D v2.5. This hotfix is to bring 2.5.12942.0 to 2.5.12943.0.

Professional Plus:

The hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • Corrects issues with library object shadows
  • Respects effects flagged as on ground
  • Fixes issue with Scenery Library requiring a restart
  • Properly handles the cursor position in SimDirector’s text boxes

Extract the appropriate zip file and copy the contained files on top of your default installation. You should accept all prompts to overwrite files (Yes or Yes to All).

The full Prepar3D download links will be updated in the near future to include this hotfix, but you are encouraged to use this hotfix patch whenever possible. Please be aware, if any third party software modified any of the dlls included in the hotfix, you will need to reinstall their content/add-on. Additionally, when using this hotfix, any Prepar3D repair or reinstallation will need the hotfix reapplied.


PThink to backup your file "api.dll" before the update in order to be force to reactivate votre P3D. If your licencse doesn't have been clear by the patch you should send and email to Lockheed Martin and wait ....eek.

 - Active Sky Weather has some problems with this patch.

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