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Effects improvement for P3Dv2  -  by Lagaffe

Two news freeware to improve effects during landings (on earth or water) on P3D v2.

Tested and validated on my PC, they went enrich my  Prepar3D v2.4 configuration tongue

Prepar3D McCoy Water Landing Effect.

This package replaces the default water landing effect in Prepar3D. All airborne particles are effected by drag, the lifespan of some have been randomized for a slightly less uniformed look and emitters are adjusted for better frame rate. Three levels of intensity are included, Maximum, Medium and Low.

A short video is provided demonstrating two of the three versions. "Maximum" is assigned to a PBY Catalina and "Medium" is assigned to a Grumman Goose, the "Low" version only displays a wake and does not appear in the video. All effects are Public Domain and are free to use for any purpose without restrictions.

Textures and sound file included by Vince McCoy.


Prepar3D Mods--McCoy Ground Landing Effect For Prepar3D.

This package replaces four default ground effects: touch down, dirt, wheel wet and wheel snow. All effects are affected by drag and are offered in five levels of intensity, maximum, high, medium, low and minimum. These effects can be used in any combination so every aircraft in Prepar3D can be easily dialed-in.

Textures and three custom sound files are included covering dry, wet and Snow conditions audible only while its related effect is displayed.

Plus tips on system settings and camera views by Vince McCoy.


This two freeware can be find on all simulation web sites and also on with the search function using "effects Mccoy".

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Reaction #1  -  by Vince_McCoy 10/03/2015 : 19:55

Hello, to whom It may concern I’ve updated my Water Landing Effect specifically for Prepar3D v2.5.  If there is a problem finding it I can upload it to this site if requested.       Thanks     Vince McCoy

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