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2010 November:

At the request of Olivier Faivre designer of Catalina PB-Y5 from HydroZ - aircraft for X-Plane 9.0 - I volunteered to wear under GMax this aircraft made the basis for X-Plane.
The first problems to be solved are:
   - Export the blend file to Gmax (what format to adopt the junction?)
   - Review the textures and animations,
   - Compile the .mdl file for FSX (mdl model is GMax FS2004 or FSX exported based on the SDK used).

Blender version used is the 2.49b. I tested several formats:
- * .x (DirectX) without convincing results
- * .3ds No better
- * .dxf Yes but you lose the textures which is a shame and a lot of polygons are "freaked out"!
- .obj (Ongoing)
- * .eobj (Extended obj) is testing


2011 November:
After thirty attempts, I think I finally found the Holy Grail! ... With a 3DS version of R3 demo version drawn from a number of "Computers Arts Interactive" I managed to:
- Blender v2.49, export to VRML 1.0 after you select the part by right clicking
- In 3DS max, import the file .vrml validating Reset Scene options and Creates Primitives
- In 3DS Max, I backup in .3ds format without further formality
- In gmax 1.2, I import the .3ds file and I save as .gmax size
=> This converts the mesh and applied textures ... which is not nothing and saves a max workin

GMax can not display textures above 1024x1024 so the .png file associated with the blender that was 2048x2048 must be converted to 24-bit .bmp reduced to size.

   - In gmax, it passes through the material editor and click on the texture .png for change, a search in the tree and it is chosen in .bmp in the right format is then applied to the workpiece and bingo it appears .

Unfortunately, the export operation is not working: Error ...
In fact, the model in Blender has shrunk in the wash when it appears in Gmax .... let me explain, for some reason I have not yet understood, the plane appears as if he had Gmax narrowed (perhaps the scale Blender was wrong but I doubt it ...)
Still, that mergeant another plane I knew the dimensions and it took me a x30 zoom factor 000 for a plane 20.80m which is the size of the real aircraft.

After a year of experimentations, here you can find this aircraft compiled for FS2004:
Le Catalina sous FS2004 - Enfin !
And also for Prepard3D v1.4 :
Une autre texture de l'avion sous Prepar3D ...

Creation date : 04/11/2012 : 20:56
Last update : 23/06/2013 : 23:41
Category : Current Projects - D - Catalina PB-Y5
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by magnum83 16/10/2015 : 10:51

Absolument superbe, ça fait rêver!... sans doute un des plus beaux avions du monde. Bravo à toi. Je ne l'ai jamais trouvé pour FSX, sais-tu s'il existe?
Bien amicalement,et bon courage!

Reaction #1 

by BLB 17/10/2014 : 14:16

Projet très prometteur, encore merci pour toutes tes créations



You are here :   Welcome » a) Blender to GMax