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2014 - July, the project is in good progress ans the aircraft begins the first flying trial on Orly - LFPO.

A quick visit before to take-off cool

A take-off in live ... in the simulator !

2014 - September 2014 - C 150 is finish and is released under section: Downloads.

Creation date : 28/07/2013 : 14:20
Last update : 02/08/2013 : 21:46
Category : Current Projects - G - FS9 to FSX/P3D
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by erike 01/02/2015 : 02:47

link for download? or, how can I download this freware addon?

Reaction #1 

by rick 01/02/2015 : 02:33

ola. vi que o addon c150 é bom e gostaria de baixar e testá-lo. Dizem que é melhor que addon pago e seria muito bom pode-lo usa-lo.

You are here :   Welcome » c) In progress - 2014 - July